Pilot Hill endorsements

The Pilot Hill Project is endorsed by the following organizations. Want to endorse or support us, too? Fill out our contact form or email us at pilothillpurchase@gmail.com and we'll be in touch.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department

"Maintaining this property as open space for hunting, wildlife viewing and other outdoor recreation will greatly benefit current and future generations of Wyoming citizens."

Wyoming Outdoor Council

"This land purchase would be a long-term investment in this community and it would help Laramie attract new businesses, new talent, and young as well as experienced professionals."

Wyoming Pathways

"Wyoming Pathways fully supports the efforts of Albany County to purchase this land for public access to high-quality recreation, preservation of wildlife habitat, and all the benefits intrinsic to having a large, natural open space with trails adjacent to a community. This is the perfect opportunity to put the efforts and dreams of so many supporters in Laramie and Albany County into action."

University of Wyoming Trustees

"The Trustees wish to express their support of the Pilot Hill Project as it represents a once in a generation opportunity for the city of Laramie and the University of Wyoming to secure open space, recreation and water quality in perpetuity.  We recognize that the project benefits UW in a number of ways including the opportunity to drill water wells should we so wish and attract and retain students. We support UW's continued work of this effort."

Laurie Nichols, former University of Wyoming President

"The Pilot Hill Project will be a significant benefit to the University of Wyoming by enhancing the quality of life in Laramie and thereby assisting in recruitment of faculty and students, providing academic opportunities for students, raising Laramie’s profile on the regional and national outdoor recreation landscape."

Jack Bedessem, CEO and President of Trihydro Corporation

"The Pilot Hill Project is a needle mover for Laramie. It will greatly benefit our community and support economic development. We know from experience that recreational opportunities enhance our ability to retain and recruit employees."

University of Wyoming Admissions

"788 incoming freshman and 70 transfer students listed outdoor recreation as the top reason they applied to UW."

Mike Massie

The Pilot Hill land purchase reflects why we choose to live in the West – community, landscape, wildlife and wide-open spaces. It will pay dividends for generations to come.