About Pilot Hill

About Pilot Hill

Just beyond Laramie’s city limits, foothills of shortgrass prairie rise to the summit of Pilot Hill.

This sloping land provides sweeping scenic vistas and important wildlife habitat, a place to experience the inspiring spaces of the Laramie Basin. The foothills are full of interesting natural features – from deep ravines to limestone cliffs and conifer forests. Crucially, this entire area overlies the Casper Aquifer, a unique geologic feature that naturally filters rain and snow to provide a primary drinking water source for residents and visitors to Albany County, Wyoming.


For more than a century this area served as a working landscape for the Warren Livestock Company. In the summer of 2017 the current owners of Warren Livestock LLC offered to sell a portion of their property to the people of Albany County with an agreed upon intent of maintaining the land as open space, providing wildlife habitat protection and non-motorized recreational access for the benefit of all of southeastern Wyoming.

The Albany County Commissioners responded to overwhelming public support for the idea by signing a purchase agreement and establishing the Pilot Hill Committee to manage the process of securing the land and raising funds for management and development of the area.

The Laramie community rallied knowing that this land would directly connect Laramie neighborhoods to almost nine square miles of open space in the foothills and to over 65,000 additional acres of National Forest Lands in the Laramie Range.

In 2020 land transactions were completed resulting in portions of the Pilot Hill parcels being owned by the University of Wyoming, the Wyoming Office of State Lands, and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.  The Pilot Hill properties are collectively managed by the non-profit Pilot Hill, Inc., in partnership with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

The “out-the-door access” to wild land on Pilot Hill improves quality of life and bolsters economic growth in southeastern Wyoming. Pilot Hill preserves a unique landscape as open space for recreation, education, and wildlife habitat, and permanently protects a key portion of a critical aquifer resource.

Join us in supporting Pilot Hill  by connecting with us, participating as a volunteer, and by making a gift to help develop and maintain this regional treasure.

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