Access the Property

Pilot Hill Limited Opening Announced

Starting Sunday, September 20th, 2020:

Opening limited to single bottom to top route in the Pilot Hill Recreation Area. Wildlife Habitat Management Area and additional Recreation Area
access opportunities to be announced soon.

  • Access from Laramie: East end of Willett Drive; North end of Boulder Drive; 45th and Crow. Please respect surrounding homes and private properties. Do not block driveways or residential parking.
  • Access from USFS Pole Mountain Unit: Follow USFS 703 Rd to the north end. (Dispersed parking only and recommended at 703G spur road.) Enter the Pilot Hill area through the walk thru gate at end of USFS 703. NO ACCESS off 703C, 703G, 703F roads at this time.
  • Bottom to Top Route: Follow existing 2 track road; Trail #4 on map.
    Route is 12 miles round trip – plan accordingly. Carry water / snacks / prepare for weather / recreate with a partner / inform a friend of your recreational plans.

Route will be utilized by runners, hikers, bikers and horse-riders. Respect trail etiquette.

NO camping, campfires or collecting firewood. Pack in – Pack out all trash including dog waste. No discharging firearms.

We appreciate everyone’s support in respecting these restrictions and working with us as we partner with USFS, WGFD and our surrounding private property owners to open additional access to Pilot Hill.