Donations and Pledges

Please join us in thanking these generous Pilot Pilot Hill Project supporters!


Charled P. DeWolf & Mary E. Burman

Trailblazers ($2,000 or more)

$2,000 supports the purchase of one acre of property.

16 Acres
Governor’s Big Game License Fund

12.5 acres
David G Mullens
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
George B. Storer Foundation

10 acres
LEK Donor Advised Fund of the Wyoming Community Foundation

6 acres
Blue Sky Group

5 acres
Keith & Kathleen Rittle

2.5 acres
Bohrer, Bernaski, Baker Family
Klaus Hanson
Wyoming State Historic Preservation Fund

2 acres
Rollin & Carolyn Abernethy
Dan McCoy & Melanie Arnett
Nathaniel Hazelton & Rebekah Smith
Jennifer & Lars Peterson
Mary & Peter Thorsness

1.5 acres
Jessica & Marvin Perry

1 acre
Richard Adams
Wendy Berelson & William Stump
Andi Berry
Even & Anne Brande
Sarah Brown Mathews & Jim Brown
Todd Cornish
Digital Blues
Amy Fluet & David Fay
Jamie Forbes
Douglas & Marie Frick
Friends of Wyoming Fund of the Wyoming Community Foundation
Richard Guenzel
High Plains Psychological Services, LLC
Bern Hinckley & Sarah Gorin
Jessica Jennings-Gaines
Beth & Jeremy Jones
Marilyn Kite & Skip Jacobson
Laramie Garden Club
Daniel & Kara Laughlin
Teri Lund & Ramsey Bentley
Manly Book Club
Macey & Keith Moore
Lisa Muller
Burt Muller Family
The Murthy Family
Donal O’Toole
Emily Parsons & Jeff Smith
Pole Mountain Pharmacy
Jill & Lance Proctor
Seniors on the Go
Jeff & Maryalice Snider
Tom & Lora Wesche

Ann Acuff
Melinda Benson
Thomas & Eve Newman
Stephanie & Jay Whitman

Pathfinders ($487 or more)

$487 is equal to the total project cost per Laramie resident.

Willow Belden
Kevin Bretting
Leah Burgess
Keith & Mary Jo Downey
First Interstate Bank
Cynthia Hartung-Scambler
Helen Hecken
Tony Hoch
Janice & Raymond Jacquot
Lars Kotthoff
Terri Maier
Colleen Mekeel
Tim Scherder
Ed Sherline
Bob Shine
Jim Slate
Tim Sullivan
Todd Surovell
Claudia Thompson
William Voigt
Anne Walthall
and 1 Anonymous

Other donations

Albany County Clean Water Advocates
Darcie Bacon
Frank Barrows
Ron Birks
Gene Borrows
Denise Bretting
Danny Collins
Kelpie Cycles
Samin Dadelahi
Onies Heckart
Stephanie Helgeson
Barbara Jensen
John Keane
Kelsey Kehoe
Katherine Kirkaldie
Max Klinger
Mark Lonac
Nikki Long
Ranie Lynds
Sari Mahon
Nathan Maier
Hollis Marriott
Jake Marlow
Susan Mateer
Jennifer Mautz
Peggy McCrackin
Amy Nagler
Daniel Nelson
Allison Renton
Stephanie Reutner
Leslie Rush
Patrick Sheehy
Trey Sherwood
Kevin Shryack
James Stafford
Gregory Slate
Susan Stoddard
Sarah Strauss
Mike Vassalo
Marci Wiersema
and 2 Anonymous