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The Pilot Hill Project

The objective for the Pilot Hill Project is to preserve 5,500 acres of undeveloped open space east of Laramie in order to protect the Casper aquifer drinking water resource, enhance recreational opportunities for residents and visitors, and promote economic development by providing a world-class natural amenity to attract and retain businesses and their employees.

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Pilot Hill Project map92% of survey respondents
approve of the Pilot Hill land purchase

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Why support the project?

The project will bring many benefits, including:

  1. Protection of a portion of the recharge zone to the Casper Aquifer, a primary drinking water source for a majority of Albany County residents
  2. Protection of the incredible views from Laramie east toward the Laramie Range
  3. Creation of new public access directly from Laramie to ~5,500 acres of foothills and the Medicine Bow National Forest
  4. Expansion of public recreation opportunities, which will enhance quality of life for Albany County residents
  5. Increase in tourism and economic development associated with improved access to open space and recreation
  6. Preservation of an area that offers crucial winter wildlife habitat

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4 weeks ago

Pilot Hill Land Purchase
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Happy New Year! We hope you all are having a great start to 2019. THANKS to all of you who have helped move the Pilot Hill Project forward! TO DATE: Nearly 680 supporters have donated over $800,000.

Milestones from 2018:
Acknowledging tremendous community support, the one-year Pilot Hill sale/purchase agreement was granted a 6-month extension.

The Wyoming Community Foundation joined as one of the many project partners ensuring all donations qualify as a charitable contribution for tax purposes.

The proposal for a State Lands Exchange to help with the purchase is looking bright! You will soon see a link to the detailed report of the proposal and ways to provide comments.

Looking Ahead to 2019:
The results of the Community Survey, State Archaeologist Inventory, sensitive aquifer recharge areas and wildlife habitat data will inform the Land Management Committee’s work to plan access sites, trail systems and park management.

Pledges and donations will be invested in the purchase, initial infrastructure and park management, and leveraged to secure additional donations, grants and investments.

Volunteers will be invited to “lend a hand” on Pilot Hill and on planning a community celebration in the coming year! Read all the latest news at the following link. (Photo of puppies enjoying the open space on "The Schoolyard" section of land which adjoins the Pilot Hill Land Purchase)

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Photo credit: Robert Kirkwood