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UW Announces Purchase of Pilot Hill Acreage

Purchase signals partnership, support from University


The University of Wyoming Board of Trustees has acquired 1,233 acres adjacent to UW’s Jacoby Golf Course, setting in motion the potential preservation of about 5,500 acres of undeveloped open space east of Laramie. The university’s purchase consists of parcels on the northwestern edge of the Pilot Hill Project properties and achieves about one-fifth of the Pilot Hill Project’s land preservation objectives. See the News  tab for more information.

Learn about the Pilot Hill Project Land Use Plan!

The project team is currently working with SE Group, a planning firm, to develop a land use plan for Pilot Hill that will include recommendations and designs for a non-motorized trail system, parking and access, and habitat and aquifer protection. is your resource to learn about and provide input on the land use plan.

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The Pilot Hill Project

The objective for the Pilot Hill Project is to preserve ~5,500 acres of undeveloped open space east of Laramie in order to protect the Casper aquifer drinking water resource, conserve critical wildlife habitat areas, enhance educational and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors, and promote economic development by providing a world-class natural amenity to attract and retain businesses and their employees.

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Pilot Hill Project map

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Why support the project?

The project will bring many benefits, including:

  1. Protection of a portion of the recharge zone to the Casper Aquifer, a primary drinking water source for a majority of Albany County residents
  2. Protection of the incredible views from Laramie east toward the Laramie Range
  3. Creation of new public access directly from Laramie to ~5,500 acres of foothills and the Medicine Bow National Forest
  4. Expansion of public recreation opportunities, which will enhance quality of life for Albany County residents
  5. Increase in tourism and economic development associated with improved access to open space and recreation
  6. Preservation of an area that offers crucial winter wildlife habitat

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Many people have helped out with the Pilot Hill Project over the last two years. We'd like to send a special thanks to our Volunteer Coordinator, Christy Gobber Smith, shown here with Greg Slate, one of our many volunteers. Thank you, Christy and Greg, for all your hard work! ...

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